Indelible Grace Hymnbook

Beams Of Heaven: Indelible Grace IV

Hymns on This Album


“Faith always sees a star of hope”

God Himself encourages us on the journey by revealing His character to us. In this, our fourth collection of old hymn texts set to new music, we pay homage to the importance of this truth. Worship is about having our sanity restored, it is a time when God reminds us of who He is. Faith sees a star of hope as God sends us beams of heaven, faith-sights of His character, in the midst of an often difficult pilgrimage. Many think that faith means closing our eyes to reality and that worship is about leaving all the distractions of the world at the door - but actually the Bible says that faith is seeing more not less! It is seeing the character of God in the midst of darkness. We confess that the power for the journey comes not from knowing where He leads but from knowing well our Guide! Our prayer is that these hymns would be a rich encouragement to the church of the journey, and that our great God would use this CD to open our eyes to see Jesus as more and more beautiful and believable. For ultimately, to see God’s patience and faithfulness (and all His other attributes) revealed, we must cast our eyes upon Jesus and Him crucified.

Rev. Kevin Twit
Founder of Indelible Grace Music and Campus Minister with RUF at Belmont University