Indelible Grace Hymnbook


1.  Can I make copies of the sheet music?  Churches can make non-commercial copies of the music in the Indelible Grace Hymnbook as well as copies of the "demos". Making copies of the IG CDs is not allowed. Please make sure your church or group has a CCLI license, available from Reporting your use of these songs through CCLI will help the writers continue using their gifts!

2.  When will the piano music be available for the songs on the Indelible Grace CDs?  We are working on it - keep checking back.

3.  My church/group is recording its own CD, and some of your songs are on it. How do we get permission to do this, and how do we compensate the writers?  Email Kevin Twit ( with the details about your CD, and he will direct you towards the appropriate publisher.

4.  What about songs that are not registered with CCLI?  Some of the songs in the Indelible Grace Hymnbook are not currently registered with CCLI.  For these songs, we grant permission for you to use them for non-commercial uses and ask that (as with the songs that are registered with CCLI) that you include full copyright permission and credits for any printing and projection uses.

5.  Can I buy a "hard copy" version of the Indelible Grace Hymnbook?  We are working on a printed Indelible Grace Hymnbook that will include all the lead sheets and chord charts for all of the songs from the first 8 Indelible Grace CDs.