Indelible Grace Hymnbook

A Present Help (God Of Pity)

Charlotte Elliott, Jack Mischnick, Glory Guy
Glory Guy, Jack Mischnick

1. God of pity! God of love! / Send me comfort from above
Let not anxious thoughts perplex / Harrowing fears my spirit vex
Let me trust thee, and be still / Waiting patiently Thy will.

2. Though to weak short-sighted man / All uncertain seems each plan
Each event Thy will ordains / Fixed immutably remains
Not one link in life’s long chain / Can be lost, or wrought in vain.

3. All that chain, through bygone years / Woven in links of love appears
Not one storm of vengeful wrath / E’er has swept across my path
Why should fear o’er faith prevail? / Thy sure mercies cannot fail.

4. What are distance, time, or place / To that God who fills all space?
What are sea or land to Him? / Can the eye Omniscient dim?
Those we love, whate’er betide / Does that eye o’er them preside

5. Clinging to Thy strengthening arm / Thou wilt keep me safe from harm;
Thou wilt grant the hope that cheers / Will prove better than my fears;
Bid my sad misgivings cease / Guide me to my home in peace.

(c) 2020 Jack Mischnick Music