Indelible Grace Hymnbook

Jerusalem Heavenly Home

John Ryland
Kevin Twit

Chorus: Jerusalem, heavenly home, city of truth and grace
Oh when shall we come to thee, city of sweet embrace?

1. There shall the curse no more be known
And we no more complain
There God is seen upon His throne
And there the Lamb shall reign

2. We shall behold the Savior’s face
And all His glories see
And love in every feature trace
How sweet the sight shall be

3. His perfect likeness we shall wear
With all His image blessed
His Name upon our foreheads bear
Indelibly impressed

Bridge: Oh when shall we come to thee?
Jerusalem, Jerusalem (3x)

Words by John Ryland (alt Twit), Music by Kevin Twit ©2015 Kevin Twit Music (ASCAP)


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John Ryland
Kevin Twit

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