Indelible Grace Hymnbook

Psalm 90 (Thou Art God)

Kevin Twit

1. Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place
Through all the ages of our race;
Before the mountains had their birth,
Or ever Thou hadst formed the earth;
From years which no beginning had
To years unending
Thou art God, Thou art God.

2. Thou turnest man to dust again
And say’st “Return ye sons of men”
As yesterday when past appears
So are to Thee a thousand years
They, like a day, are in Thy sight
Yes, like a passing
Watch my night, Thou art God.

3. O teach us Lord to count our days
And set our heart on wisdom’s ways
How long O Lord? Return, repent!
And toward Thy servants now relent
Each morning fill us with Thy grace
We’ll sing for joy through
All our days, Thou art God

4. According to the days we spent
Beneath affliction Thou hast sent
And all the years we evil knew
Now make us glad our joy renew
Thy work in all Thy servants show
Thy glory on their
Sons bestow, Thou art God

5. On us let there be shed abroad
The beauty of the Lord our God
Our handiwork upon us be
Established evermore by Thee
Yes, let our handiwork now be
Established by Thee
Evermore, Thou art God

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