Indelible Grace Hymnbook

We Rest On Thee

Edith Gilling Cherry
Brian Murphy, Patrick Bush

1. We rest on Thee,
our shield and our defender
We go not forth
alone against the foe
Strong in Thy might,
safe in Thy keeping tender
We rest on Thee,
and in Thy name we go

Chorus 1: Yea in Thy name O captain
of salvation
In Thy dear name all other
names above
Jesus our righteousness,
our sure foundation
Our prince of glory and our king,
our king of love

2. We go in faith,
our own great weakness feeling
And needing more
each day Thy grace to know
Yet from our hearts
a song of triumph pleading
We rest on Thee
and in Thy name we go

Chorus 2: We rest on Thee our shield
and our defender
Thine is the battle,
Thine shall be the praise
When passing through the gates
of pearly splendor
Victors we rest with Thee through endless,
Through endless days(Repeat verse 1)
(Repeat chorus 1)

©2001 Patrick Bush Music / Brian T. Murphy Music.


This tune comes from Auburn RUF, from the students who went on to found Red Mountain Music. You can learn more about their retuned hymns here: