Indelible Grace Hymnbook

Joy Beyond The Sorrow: Indelible Grace VI

Hymns on This Album


“When the storm has ceased its raging, And the haven has been won.
For the joy beyond the sorrow, Joy of the eternal year.
For the resurrection splendor, She is waiting, waiting here!”

I suppose joy and sorrow are the two great inspirations for song in our world. It has long been this way. In the Christian vision of the world these two themes are inextricably linked. We worship the Lamb who was slain, and who will forever carry the scars of His love. We believe it is important for the Church to sing songs that give voice to both of these themes; thus we present our eighth project. Suffering is real and grievous, and it is an obscenity of sorts to deny it in our preaching or our songs. But Christians believe that while suffering is real, it is not ultimate. We believe there is a “joy beyond the sorrow” and we sing to mold our hearts around this reality. We believe our songs should honestly cry out with the voice of lamentation even while knowing that “our shepherd good and true is He, Who will at last His Israel free, from all their sin and sorrow.” We long for the church to grow in both her freedom to cry and her freedom to hope and pray this collection of songs may serve that end.