Indelible Grace Hymnbook

Jesus Lead Us With Thy Power

William Williams
Lucas Morton

Jesus, Oh lead us, with Thy power, safe into the promised rest;
Hide our souls within Thy bosom; Let us slumber on Thy breast

1. Feed us with the heavenly manna
Bread that angels eat above
Let us drink, from the holy fountain
Draughts of everlasting love.

2. Through the desert wild conduct us,
With a glorious pillar bright;
In the day a cooling comfort
And a cheering fire by night

3. Be our guide in every peril
Watch us hourly, night and day
Otherwise we’ll err and wander
From the Spirit far away

4. In Thy presence we find comfort
In Thy presence we’re secure
In Thy presence all afflicttions
We will patiently endure

5. In thy presence we can conquer,
We can suffer, we can die.
Far from Thee, we faint and languish
Lord, our Saviour, keep us nigh.

Words by William Williams (alt Morton), Music by Lucas Morton ©2015 Lucas Morton Music (BMI)