Indelible Grace Hymnbook

The Shelter Of Your Wings

Scott Roley
Scott Roley

1. I am but a beggar
Laid upon Your doorstep
My heart is like a stone,
A bell that cannot ring
Stand me in the burning light
Of Your eternal presence

Refrain: And hide me (hide me)
In the shelter (in the shelter)
Oh and hide me (hide me)
In the shelter (in the shelter)
Of Your wings

2. Let me draw deep water
From the well of Your true Spirit
I will leave behind me
The shallows of my springs
Fill me up with every word
That You alone have spoken(Refrain)

3. I will sing Your praises,
For You have cast Your shadow
The covering that overcomes
The sickness and the sting
Hold me in forgiveness through
The darkness and the danger(Refrain)

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