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The Full Text Behind "O Love Incomprehensible" And A Great "Anne Steele" Meditation For Easter

by Kevin Twit

January 19, 2013

Categories: Christ

I wanted to share with you all the full text of 18th century Baptist hymn-writer Anne Steele's 4th hymn from her collection, "Redeeming Love."  I took several of these verses and combined them some verses from a hymn by Augustus Toplady to make the hymn text for "O Love Incomprehensible" which was recorded on the 2nd Indelible Grace project, Pilgrim Days.  I think this whole text by Steele is great, and it is perfect for meditation on Good Friday and Easter.  Enjoy!

Anne Steele HYMN IV. “Redeeming Love”

1. Come heavenly love, inspire my song With thy immortal flame,
And teach my heart, and teach my ...